Hourly Rate: $75/hr  ( 2 hour ($150) minimum)

Storage Fee: $10 per day per unit ( after the first three days after your unit is repaired)

Standard repairs:
Replace window $175-225 priced by size
Torn baffle $175-225
Add 1 new deflation zipper $175-250 priced by the Ft.
Add inflation tube $250
Small Seam tear (thread, not material) $75
Seam tear material torn $150-350 priced by Ft.
Inspection fee $50
Cleaning and drying fee $75-150
Patch (if minimum of $150 has been reached) $25

Add new Blower tube strap – 1″ webbing $25
Add new blower tube alligator clip $25
Add new blower strap & clip $35
Add anchor points at base with D ring $50
Add soaker hose loops $75-125 based on Qty.
Add new black or white velcro to slide blanket or pool liner $150-350 priced by the Ft.
Add water release baffle at bottom of base $85-125
Same day service if available $100
Trailer storage fee $35 each week
* Ask about our repair classes with new sewing machine
* please bring all units to us in clean and dry condition
* We sell new and used blowers, Glue, patch kits, stakes, straps, velcro, netting, vinyl material, sewing machines, zippers, sandbags, new and used Inflatables.
* Always call or text 601-665-7880 before bringing a repair.
* When possible roll units towards the damaged area to reduce time and labor for repairs
* Do not bring blowers or cords. We only need the unit/units
* The more repairs you bring the better pricing we offer.
* Please tape the outside of your unit with your name and number. Also brief details of damages.
* We always call with pricing before we perform work
* Repair pictures available upon request before and after of your unit. We can provide invoicing to cover your labor and fuel if billing customers for reimbursement.
* State sales tax 7% applies to Repairs.

Prices listed are approximate and subject to change at the discretion of Fix My Inflatable

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